Showings But No Offers

Dated: 01/09/2017

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Typically lots of showings and not offers is a reflection on price.  However there can be other factors involved.  Was the feedback directly to you or through your broker?  If feedback to was directly to you, buyers typically will not say what is wrong so they don't hurt your feelings.  Feedback through a broker is typically more candid but not always.

Take an objective view of your home.  Sometimes just taking some photo's of the house and looking at them.  Are the kitchen countertops cluttered, bathrooms, etc...  How is the staging??  You don't have to be professionally staged to look good.  If you have smaller rooms, try removing some furniture.  If you have large walking in closets, make sure they aren't filled to the brim.  That would make even a large closet look small and cluttered.  Store summer cloths for now.

It's often been recommended to remove personal photos as well as religious artifacts.  Not everyone is of the same belief.  By removing these, you are making your house more neutral in appearance.  The object here is to have the buyers come in and be able to visualize the house as their own.  Having a lot of personal photos can make that more difficult.

Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and uncluttered.  Kitchen and baths really do sell houses.

1)Put some baking soda on the carpet and sofa, let sit for 10-15 minutes and vacuum up.  It will absorb any odors.  (not saying your home smells, but this can help it be even fresher than it is.)

2) During winter months, put a pot of water to boil and throw in a couple cinnamon sticks and ginger and let simmer on low an hour before the showing.  This will make your home smell warm and spicy like your getting ready for the Holidays.

3) Put a lemon or orange rind along with a couple ice cubes in the garbage disposal (if you have one) to freshen that up.

4) Take a couple jars of vanilla extract, open them up and carefully hide a couple around the house.  Vanilla is one of those scents that people love.

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